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Getting a car loan is an easy feat for people who have a job and good credit score but the same canít be said about an unemployed person who is in need of a car. There no reason why someone cannot attain a car just because they are unemployed. Although dealers and lenders are skeptical to make a deal with an unemployed borrower, there are many who are willing to consider such deals.

Usually people who are in need of such loans are students, single mothers, retired people etc. although you might not get the car of your dreams but there are many dealers and lenders who provide bad credit auto loans for unemployed people at a low interest rate. The only criterion for application is that the borrower should have some source of income like unemployment benefits, alimony, retirement benefits etc. This is important to gain the confidence of the lender and to reassure them that you have some means to pay your loan.

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One of the most important factors is a steady cash flow which is mandatory to get a car loan if you are unemployed and have a bad credit. Itís important to have some sort of income to apply for a car loan when you are unemployed and in need of a car.

Know the exact status of your credit score before you go searching for lenders. This step will help you as it becomes easier for the lender to assess you and also for you to know your limit when it comes to car purchasing.

Before you apply for a car loan with bad credit, itís a good idea to save enough money for a down payment. This will ensure that you donít have to deal with high interest rates and will generate more trust.

Make sure that your current residing address is valid. Itís important that you reside at the current address for at least 6 months to a year to qualify for the loan.

When your chances are so slim, itís good to get a co-signer to assure your lender that if due to some unforeseen reasons you are unable to pay the loan, it is still recoverable through another source. And having a co-signer increases your chances of getting a loan.

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